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Top E-Commerce Achievers Honored at Digital Entrepreneur Summit



Top E-Commerce Achievers Honored at Digital Entrepreneur Summit

The Digital Business Network recently hosted the “Digital Entrepreneur Summit 2023” at the IDEB in Kakrail, Dhaka. The summit, held last Friday December 8, featured diverse sessions covering digital business, social media marketing, global e-commerce, f-commerce, search engine marketing, freelancing, content creation, SAAS, sales, and client communication.

Digital Business Network, active in Bangladesh’s digital business arena for four years, has collaborated with over 10,000 digital entrepreneurs, providing support through digital career bootcamps, networking, and growth consultancy.

Ahsan Habib, founder of AREA71, Nahid Hasan, MD and CEO of Bizcope, Samia Ahmed, Head of Growth of MonsterClaw, Md. Zahidul Islam, Fiver Community Leader, Ariful Islam, founder of Graphic Solo, Niaz Ahmed founder and CEO of Corporate Ask, Syed Shuvo, Head of Daraz Marketing Solution spoke in this grand event. Also, Abu Taher Suman, Managing Director of Awwma Technologies, Rafayet Rakib, founder of Double R Studios, Jawad Ul Sami, CEO of, Md. Nazmul Hasan, founder and CEO of Microters, Abu Huraira Bin Aman, CTO of ThemeXpert, Abu Saeed, CMO of LinkBoss, Tuhin Parvez, co-founder of Onelittleweb Ltd., Saiful Islam, founder of Business Inspection BD, M Asif Rahman, founder of WPDeveloper, Sah Paran, founder and CEO of HandyMama, Md. Ziaul Haque Bhuiyan, Chief of Staff of ShopUp, Dr. Tanjiba Rahman, Chairman of Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society, Md. Sahab Uddin, Vice President of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh, Imran Kadir, 2024 National President of JCI Bangladesh, Md. Altamis Nabil, 2024 National Training Commissioner of JCI Bangladesh, Md. Zahirul Islam Mohsan, 2024 Local Secretary General of JCI Dhaka West spoke at the summit. The event was moderated by SM Belal Uddin, CEO of Texort and founder of Digital Business Network.

Acknowledging the achievements of its members, the summit honored the top 22 successful individuals in global e-commerce, with rewards ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. Each participant also received a gift worth Tk. 10,000. Notably, SayHi’s NFC digital business card, facilitating information sharing, was a special highlight.

The event concluded with a raffle draw, distributing gifts worth Tk. 1 lakh among participants. MonsterClaw LLC served as the title sponsor, Gearlaunch as the powered by sponsor, SayHi as the platinum sponsor, and Business Globalizer as the gold sponsor and notebook partner. Nurency and Affpilot, AI Article Writing Tool, were silver sponsors, while MoveOn sponsored the event’s t-shirts. Gift partners included Corporate Ask, Ki Proyojon, Pizzawala, Uddokta Hoi, and TeeSamurai. Community partners were Event Pilot, DMFR Molecular Lab & Diagnostics, with Texort Digital as an associate partner. JCI Dhaka West contributed as the youth engagement partner, Codemanbd as the logo board sponsor, and Digital Media Forum-DMF as the digital media partner.

The summit’s overarching goal was to inspire entrepreneurs to embrace digital business, contribute to employment growth, enhance digital literacy, and foster the economic prosperity of a Smart Bangladesh.

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Inspira Hosts MSME Digital Security & Data Protection Dialogue



Inspira Hosts MSME Digital Security & Data Protection Dialogue

Inspira Hosts Policy Dialogue on MSME Digital Security and Data Protection

Dhaka, June 9, 2024 – Inspira, in collaboration with USAID, DAI, and DCCP, successfully organized a Policy Dialogue addressing the digital security and data protection challenges faced by MSMEs. The event gathered industry leaders and government officials to deliberate on these critical issues.

Md Ziaul Haque Bhuiyan, Chief of Staff of ShopUp and former President of JCI Bangladesh, shared valuable insights during the dialogue. The event was graced by Md Shamsul Arefin, Secretary of the ICT Division, as the Chief Guest. Other notable attendees included Salahuddin Mahmud from the SME Foundation, Khalilur Rahman, Director General of BTRC, Abu Saed Kamruzzaman, Director General of NCSA, and Samira Zuberi Himika, Chairperson of Inspira.

Key Points Discussed:

Restricting Betting Services:

  • Issue: Online betting services are causing financial losses for many individuals.
  • Discussion: Implementing stricter regulations to limit access and protect users from financial harm.


Regulation of Grey Channel Devices:

  • Issue: Unauthorized smartphones and laptops with unmonitored apps are entering the market.
  • Discussion: Enhancing regulatory oversight to ensure visibility and security of imported electronic devices.


Data Storage Concerns with CCTV Cameras and VTS:

  • Issue: Sensitive data from CCTV cameras and Vehicle Tracking Systems is being stored overseas.
  • Discussion: Expanding BTRC’s regulatory scope to include these devices and ensure data security.


Digital Security Education:

  • Issue: There is a lack of awareness and education on digital security and data protection.
  • Discussion: Integrating these topics into the national education curriculum and enhancing public awareness through eCAB, BASIS, and media campaigns.


Government Officials Using Insecure Email:

  • Issue: The use of Gmail by government officials poses security risks.
  • Discussion: Promoting the use of secure, government-approved email services for official communication.


OTP Awareness Challenges:

  • Issue: Misunderstandings about OTP security are affecting delivery services.
  • Discussion: Educating the public on proper OTP usage to enhance security and service efficiency.


Policy on Digital Page Ownership:

  • Issue: There is a lack of clear policies on digital page ownership and management.
  • Discussion: Developing policies to protect content creators and regulate digital page ownership.


The Policy Dialogue underscored the necessity for comprehensive strategies and collaborative efforts to bolster digital security and data protection for MSMEs in Bangladesh. By addressing these issues, the event aimed to create a safer and more secure digital environment for businesses and individuals alike.

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bKash Launches ‘Student Account’ to Foster Digital Financial Literacy




For the first time in Bangladesh’s Mobile Financial Services (MFS) sector, bKash has introduced a ‘Student Account’ to prepare the younger generation for digital financial transactions and promote a cashless society. This new initiative targets teenagers aged 14 to below 18 years, allowing them to open an account linked to their parent’s bKash account.

Account Opening Requirements
To open a ‘Student Account,’ the following are required:

A digital birth certificate
An active bKash account number of either the mother or father
Parental consent
The initiative aligns with Bangladesh Bank’s directives to foster digital financial inclusion among the youth, supporting the nation’s move towards a smart economy.

Services Offered
The ‘Student Account’ is tailored to meet the needs of teenagers, offering services such as:

Payment of school and college fees
Daily small purchases
Mobile recharge
Money transfer
Bill payments
According to central bank regulations, the account can hold a maximum balance of Tk 30,000. Teens can transact up to Tk 5,000 per day and a maximum of Tk 25,000 per month. They can receive money through the Send Money service but cannot use Add Money or Cash In services, ensuring parental supervision.

Opening Process
To open a ‘Student Account,’ follow these steps:

Download the bKash app and tap on Login/Register.
Select the ‘Birth Certificate’ option after entering the mobile number.
Take a photo of the digital birth certificate and enter additional personal information.
Nominate a parent and confirm by entering their active bKash account number.
A verification code will be sent to the parent’s number, which must be entered within 48 hours.
Upon successful registration, the new account holder will receive a Tk 25 bonus, with an opportunity to earn an additional Tk 105 through specific transactions.

Parental Supervision
Parental consent is mandatory to open a ‘Student Account.’ Parents can monitor all transactions through the statement section of their bKash app.

Maj Gen Sheikh Md. Monirul Islam (retd), Chief External & Corporate Affairs Officer of bKash, stated, “In the future, all daily transactions will be cashless and an integral part of our lives. The sooner teens familiarize themselves with the digital payment ecosystem, the more proficient they will be in financial management. The ‘Student Account’ will be a milestone in the initiative of financial inclusion in the country.”

The younger generation, known for their adaptability to digital technologies like AI, VR, AR, Robotics, and Big Data, will benefit from secure, fast, and easy financial transactions through MFS. This initiative is expected to spark their interest in new technologies and contribute to creating a cashless digital payment ecosystem.

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Budget Proposes Tax-Free Status for 19 ICT Sectors in 2024-25



budget ict sector

In the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2024-25, Finance Minister Abul Hasan Mahmood Ali announced tax exemptions for 19 sectors within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. This initiative aims to support the government’s vision of creating a Smart Bangladesh by encouraging digital transformation across various domains.

The budget proposal was presented on Thursday, June 6, in the National Parliament, chaired by Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury and attended by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This is the first budget presented by Abul Hasan Mahmood Ali as Finance Minister and marks the 53rd budget of the country, driven by the slogan “Commitment to Building a Happy, Prosperous, Developed, and Smart Bangladesh.”

Key ICT Sectors to Benefit from Tax Exemptions
Tax-Free ICT Sectors: The proposed tax exemptions cover a wide range of ICT activities, including the development and provision of advanced digital solutions. The sectors slated for tax relief include:

  • AI-Based Solution Development: Encouraging innovation in artificial intelligence applications.
  • Blockchain-Based Solution Development: Promoting the use of blockchain technology in various industries.
  • Robotics Process Outsourcing: Facilitating the outsourcing of robotic and automated processes.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Supporting the growth of cloud-based software services.
  • Cybersecurity Services: Enhancing the development of security solutions to protect digital assets.
  • Digital Data Analytics and Data Science: Boosting capabilities in data analysis and interpretation.
  • Mobile Application Development Services: Promoting the creation of mobile apps.
  • Software Development and Customization: Supporting bespoke software solutions.
  • Software Test Lab Services: Facilitating testing environments for software quality assurance.
  • Web Listing, Website Development, and Services: Encouraging web-based services and site development.
  • IT Support and Software Maintenance Services: Providing ongoing support and maintenance for software products.
  • Geographic Information Services: Promoting the use of GIS technology.
  • Digital Animation Development: Supporting the creation of digital animations.
  • Digital Graphics Design: Facilitating digital design services.
  • Digital Data Entry and Processing: Streamlining data entry and processing services.
  • E-Learning Platforms and E-Publication: Supporting online learning and digital publishing.
  • IT Freelancing: Encouraging freelance work in the IT sector.
  • Call Center Services: Promoting the outsourcing of customer support services.
  • Document Conversion, Imaging, and Digital Archiving: Supporting the digital conversion and archiving of documents.

Conditions for Tax Exemption: These sectors will be tax-exempt provided that they ensure cashless transactions for business operations. The goal is to modernize financial transactions and integrate digital payment systems, making business activities more efficient and transparent.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to accelerate digital adoption and innovation in Bangladesh, ultimately aiming to transform the country into a leading digital economy.

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