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How people could support BNP with legacy of brutalities



support BNP

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today showed at the parliament audio-visual and pictures of brutalities of the BNP-Jamaat alliance and wanted to know that how the people who have minimum humanity could support BNP.

“You (lawmakers) saw the pictures of the BNP’s regime. So, tell me how do the people who have at least minimum humanity support the BNP? How to shake hands with them? This is my question?, she questioned.

The Premier raised this question while delivering her valedictory speech at this session of the Parliament.

Sheikh Hasina said that she just is able to show them (lawmakers) this few incidents of the brutalities and tortured perpetrated by the BNP-Jamaat alliance after the 2001 election.

“Like these videos and pictures, there are hundreds of incidents. It’s the real picture of the regime of BNP and BNP-Jammat alliance that how did they torture and killed people since 1975,” she added.

Displaying the picture one after another of different incidents, the leader of the house said that “Each picture narrates the brutality and torture of BNP-Jamaat after the 2001 national election that how did they kill general people, Awami League (AL) leaders and activists and members of police.”

She continued that the picture also demonstrated their (BNP-Jamaat) attack on the power station in Kansat and burnt the resident engineer alive by throwing him to fire, and also killed people across the country in such way.

“It is the regime of BNP-Jamaat alliance,” she went on.

The Prime Minister also told the house that she will also show the regime of General Ershad later how he also tortured AL leaders and activists.

She said that the Awami League (AL) has been tortured in the hands of all, but it didn’t go for taking any revenge against anyone after assuming power.

“Our goal is to develop the fate of the people of Bangladesh. That is why the AL has put concentration on the development of people engaging in full strength instead of choosing the way of taking revenge,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina noted that “Today, people of the country are getting good results from it.”

She said that the AL government has managed to continue the economic progress of the people of the country by ensuring the security after combating terrorism and militancy posed during BNP-Jamaat regime.

The Premier renewed her call to the people of the country to put concentration on boosting food production, saving and maintaining austerity in the wake of global crisis due to Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war.

“We, all have to maintain austerity, have to save money and have to avoid extra expenditure,” she said, adding, “We have to be very careful and take advance preparation so the global economic recession can’t harm us.”

Regarding the remarks of BNP lawmaker Rumeen Farhana who earlier claimed in the House that BNP’s programmes came under attacks in different places including Bhola despite the Prime Minister’s clear instructions that the programme of the opposition would not be obstructed, Sheikh Hasina told the Parliament that nothing happened where BNP’s movement and programmes were peaceful.

“It is normal that opposition parties will wage movement. Yes, I told Police to say (did) nothing. It is right. But, the police did nothing first. If a man comes under attack, the person has the right to protect himself or herself,” she said.

She continued “Won’t the police have the right to protect themselves when they come under attack? Their remarks seem that they (police) can do nothing even after bombs, sticks and brickbats are hurled toward them or they come under gun attack.”

Sheikh Hasina said that she promised that none would say anything in case of peaceful procession and movement. “Where the programmes are peaceful, none say anything there,” she said.

She said BNP men try to go for attack or create a situation for media coverage.

Criticizing a section of media and opposition parties, the Premier said, “Some media and opposition parties are there who spread such a deep frustration in the recent time that everything has gone astray. But, they are in good condition.”

Referring to a recent report of the World Bank, she said Bangladesh is not in food risk. The IMF also in its evaluation on August 16 last remarked that Bangladesh is in no crisis, she added.

Mentioning that most of the country’s foreign debts are long-term and soft loans, Sheikh Hasina said there is no risk regarding the loan repayment as per the IMF’s evaluation.

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Shahabuddin Chuppu set to become BD next President




Former chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Muhammad Shahabuddin Chuppu is set to become the 22nd President of Bangladesh.

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina have nominated former ACC commissioner Shahabuddin Chuppu as the party’s presidential candidate.

On behalf of Shahabuddin Chuppu, a delegation of the party led by its General Secretary Obaidul Quader submitted the nomination paper to the Election Commission secretariat on Sunday (February 12) morning.

Freedom fighter Shahabuddin Chuppu is the AL’s advisory council member.

Today is the last day for submitting the nomination papers to Election Commission (EC) for the Presidential election.

Scrutiny of nomination papers will take place on February 13 from 10 am, while nomination papers can be withdrawn till 4 pm on February 14.

The 22nd Presidential election will be held from 2 pm to 5 pm on February 19 in the Jatiya Sangsad (JS) complex.

The President may hold office for five years from the date of assumption of office.

Incumbent President M Abdul Hamid assumed office on April 24, 2018. Accordingly, his five-year tenure will end on April 23, 2023.

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Pakistan Former President Pervez Musharraf passes away




Former president of Pakistan and Army chief Pervez Musharraf passed away at a private hospital in Dubai.

Musharraf, 79, had been undergoing treatment for an ailment at the American hospital in Dubai. Musharraf, four-star general of the Pakistan Army, became the tenth president of Pakistan after a military takeover of the government in 1999. He was chief executive of Pakistan from October 1999 to November 2002 and president from June 2001 to August 2008.

The former military ruler had been suffering from the rare disease amyloidosis, caused by a build-up of an abnormal protein called amyloid in organs and tissues.

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AL Lawmaker Haji Salim freed on Bail



haji salim

Awami League (AL) lawmaker Haji Salim walked out of jail on Tuesday. The deputy jailer of Dhaka central prison Abdus Selim confirmed the matter to the Bangladesh news media.

Haji Salim was in the prison cell of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU).

A team, led by the deputy jailer Abdus Selim with papers pertaining to bail order went to BSMMU on Tuesday around 1:00 pm. Hundreds of leaders and activists of ruling party welcomed him at the entrance of BSMMU with floral garland.

Earlier on 6 December, the Appellate Division of Supreme Court granted bail to Haji Salim, accepting his leave-to-appeal petition against the High Court (HC) verdict upholding the 10 years of imprisonment in a case filed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) over amassing wealth beyond known sources.

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