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PM cautions against election disruption by BNP, Jamaat, emphasizing potential consequences



pm bnp jamaat

On Thursday, November 23, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina emphasized once again that both the BNP and Jamaat are attempting to disrupt the parliamentary elections set for January 7.

She issued a warning, stating that undesirable consequences would follow any attempts to sabotage the election, emphasizing the strength of her party lying in the people.

In her introductory speech at the Awami League’s Parliamentary Nomination Board meeting in Dhaka’s Tejgaon district office, Sheikh Hasina, also the president of the ruling Awami League, aimed to finalize the party’s candidates for the upcoming 12th parliamentary elections.

The meeting, which commenced at 10 am at the Dhaka district AL unit office in Tejgaon, focused on selecting candidates for Rajshahi, Khulna, and Rangpur divisions who aspire to represent the electoral symbol Boat in the upcoming national polls.

PM mentioned that the BNP-Jamaat alliance abstained from participating in the 2014 elections due to a lack of confidence in their potential success.

She also pointed out that despite attempts by BNP-Jamaat to criticize the 2018 elections, they failed to provide specific evidence of irregularities to substantiate their claims.

Expressing the Awami League’s commitment to democratic values, Sheikh Hasina asserted that political parties would be free to continue their activities in the country.

However, she recalled a lack of such freedom during BNP’s governance, noting that around 21,000 leaders and activists of the Awami League were killed across the country during that period.

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Digital Media Workshop in PR Department Observed



Digital Media Workshop

In Dhaka, a workshop titled ‘The Role of Digital Media in the Department of Public Relations’ was organized by the Digital Media Forum, hosted by the renowned University. The event featured a workshop, certificate distribution, and a panel discussion.

On Friday, March 1, at 2:00 PM, the workshop was organized at R C Majumdar Auditorium, Kola Bhaban, Dhaka University. The Private University Public Relations Officers Association-PUPROA collaborated as event co-organizers.

The chief guest at the event was Jafar Wajed, the Director-General of the Press Institute of Bangladesh. Despite his absence at the workshop, he conveyed his congratulations to the organization for its success through a message. In his message, he extended appreciation to all the guests, participants, officials from the Department of Public Relations of various private universities, and sponsoring organizations.

Special guests at the event included Dr. Mizanur Rahman, former Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University, and Professor Robaet Ferdous, from the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at Dhaka University.

Distinguished journalists and media personalities graced the event as guests of honor, including Syed Ishtiaque Reza, CEO of Global TV, Lutfor Rahman Himel, Editor of Daily Swadesh Protidin, Rajeeb Khan, Digital Head of Channel 24, Ruhul Amin Roni, Senior Manager (Lead) Business Development at Prothom Alo, Saroj Mehedi, Lecturer in the Journalism Department at Green University, Nahid Jahan, Head of Media at Pran RFL Group, Mobarak Apu, Business and Growth Lead at Adfinix, Zakaria Hossen Joy, Assistant General Manager at NewsBangla, and Benjir Abrar, CEO of Excellence Bangladesh, among many others.

The workshop had various sponsors, including Qcoom as the title sponsor, G and M Gadget and Mobile Care as the gadget partner, Tenision as the gold sponsor, Texort as the IT partner, Nutriplus as the nutrition partner, Studio Velvet as the content production partner, Limerence Creations as the creative partner, and co-sponsored by The Premium Homes Limited and WeSellBD. The knowledge partner for the workshop was JCI Dhaka West.

The workshop consisted of five sessions led by experienced professionals in the media and corporate sector of the country. Abdul Wadud, the Business Lead at Purple Patch, took the lead in facilitating the workshop. He delivered his presentation using a projector, showcasing various informative content. Wadud emphasized the crucial role of the Public Relations Department, likening it to a mirror for an organization. According to him, the department’s proficiency directly influences the organization’s progress, and there’s no alternative to skillfulness.

In the second session, Tithi Chowdhury, the Client Partner Lead at Meta Aleph Lead, shared insights into social media usage. He stressed the importance of understanding social media dynamics to effectively utilize the platform. Chowdhury highlighted the need to know which medium can rapidly deliver the message to the audience, aligning advertising strategies accordingly. He emphasized that mastering such technical aspects, including data analysis, is essential. Throughout his presentation, he used slides to convey information and conducted training on data-related topics.

During the workshop, Md. Faruk Khan, the founder of Khan IT, shared his insights, stating, “The organization of this event on digital media is highly relevant. It will help everyone develop a clear understanding of digital media usage. By becoming proficient, we can ensure the perpetual relevance of such events.”

He further emphasized the significance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing for businesses of any scale, saying, “For small or large businesses, SEO marketing is crucial. It works to create your business brand, which is the primary goal in this era of digital marketing.”

Palash Mahmud, the Head of the Online Department at Daily Kalbela, delivered the fourth session’s speech at the workshop. Expressing the importance of self-promotion, he mentioned, “Everyone wants to promote themselves. However, the key is how effective your promotion is. Traditional ways won’t make a lasting impact. You need to think differently to catch people’s attention. It requires thoughtful consideration and visible results.”

Rajeeb Khan, the Digital Head of Channel 24, expressed his thoughts during the event, stating, “The progress of the Digital Media Forum in a short period is remarkable. The workshop on ‘The Role of Digital Media in the Department of Public Relations’ was a precursor to such initiatives. These events will bridge the gap between media and university, creating a strong connection.”

Ruhul Amin Roni, Senior Manager (Lead) Business Development at Prothom Alo, shared his thoughts during the workshop. He mentioned, “The workshop on ‘The Role of Digital Media in the Department of Public Relations’ is a well-organized initiative. Such workshops are crucial in the present time. The more the professionals in the Public Relations Department of universities know about digital media, the more adept they will become in utilizing this medium.”

Lutfor Rahman Himel, Editor of Daily Swadesh Protidin, expressed his sentiments, saying, “There’s no end to learning. As days go by, the thirst for knowledge increases. If you’re not updated, even if you’re young, you’ll fall behind. I hope such educational workshops by the Digital Media Forum continue.”

At the beginning of the workshop, Abu Sadat, the General Editor of Private University Public Relations Officers Association (PUPROA), offered an introductory speech. He extended his greetings to all the guests and participants in the workshop, expressing gratitude to the sponsoring organizations.

Sadat emphasized the significance of adapting to the digital era, stating, “The current era has become smart by embracing digitalization. If we cannot keep up with the pace of time, we will be left behind. Hence, the organization of this workshop by the Digital Media Forum and the Private University Public Relations Officers Association is a timely initiative. Such initiatives will propel us forward towards building a smart Bangladesh.”

Syed Ishtiaque Reza, the CEO of Global TV and a prominent journalist, highlighted the challenges faced by those in public relations, emphasizing the importance of crisis management in the digital media age. He encouraged participants to understand and effectively utilize digital media for creating a positive organizational image.

At this moment, Professor Robaet Ferdous, in his special address, expressed the tremendous success of the Digital Media Forum’s workshop. He emphasized the bridging of gaps between universities and media through the collaboration of the Public Relations departments. Professor Ferdous urged the organizers and collaborators to continue conducting such workshops.

As the main guest, former Vice-Chancellor and current Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman of Jagannath University, delivered the keynote address in the absence of the chief guest, Jafar Wazed, the Director-General of the Press Institute of Bangladesh. He extended his greetings to the workshop participants and the staff of the Public Relations departments of various universities.

Dr. Mizanur Rahman stated, “Differentiation is essential; otherwise, one might go unnoticed. Without uniqueness, one is lost in the crowd. With the abundance of content on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, why would people choose to watch yours? People will seek what sets you apart. In a market with 75 brands, if yours is number 76, there is no gain – you will lose.”

The professor further emphasized, “Language is not a barrier; what’s crucial is distinctiveness and quality. Only then will your brand stand out. The more updated you are, the more value your brand gains in the market. You cannot afford to lag behind.” He supported his point with various examples and congratulated the success of the Digital Media Forum’s workshop.

The President of DMF, Delowar Hossain, expressed gratitude and appreciation to everyone present. He highlighted the research and exploration conducted by DMF in the digital sector since its establishment. Delowar mentioned the importance of such workshops in providing training to experts in the sector, ensuring continuous efforts in organizing similar events. He acknowledged that due to time constraints, they couldn’t allocate sufficient time to many distinguished guests, expressing regret. Delowar recognized the potential of today’s workshop to contribute to the vision of a Digital Bangladesh under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He thanked the co-organizer, Private University Public Relations Officers Association (PUPROA), and expressed gratitude to the sponsors. Delowar urged everyone to maintain such collaborative efforts for the development of a Smart Bangladesh.

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PM Sheikh Hasina Stresses Government’s Support for Armed Forces Preparedness



Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina emphasized her government’s commitment to modernizing and enhancing the capabilities of the armed forces during her address at the Bangladesh Infantry Regiment (BIR)-2024 third reunion in Rajshahi Cantonment.

PM highlighted ongoing development projects aimed at making the armed forces more efficient and capable of handling diverse situations. The prime minister commended the armed forces for their contributions, not only in domestic matters but also on the international stage through significant participation in United Nations peacekeeping missions. Sheikh Hasina expressed gratitude for the armed forces’ role in disaster response and their substantial contributions to infrastructure development across the country.

PM Sheikh Hasina reiterated her government’s dedication to achieving a developed and prosperous Bangladesh by 2041, transforming the nation into a global model of development. The prime minister emphasized resilience in the face of challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, urging the optimization of every inch of land for cultivation.

PM Sheikh Hasina inspected a regiment parade, received a guard of honour, laid a wreath at the ‘Bir Gaurav’ monument, and attended the Darbar of the regiment. The event was attended by various dignitaries, including Cabinet members, defense adviser, service chiefs, and parliament members.

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Multiple Arrests Made in Bailey Road Fire Case After 46 Tragically Killed



Bailey Road

Police arrested several individuals last night in connection with the case filed over the fire incident at Bailey Road’s Green Cozy Cottage, which resulted in the tragic deaths of 46 people.

Mohammad Salman Farsi, Assistant Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Ramna zone, stated, “Several people have been detained in a case filed over the Bailey Road fire incident. After verification, those involved will be shown arrested in the case and sent to court.”

Sources indicate that the accused in the Bailey Road fire case have been charged with ‘death by negligence.’

On March 1st, police detained Anwarul Haque and Shafiqur Rahman Rimon, owners of Cha Chumuk restaurant, and Md Jisan, manager of Kacchi Bhai restaurant, in connection with the Bailey Road fire.

“They have been detained for questioning,” stated Additional Commissioner of DMP Dr Kh Mahid Uddin at a press briefing in Dhaka on March 1st.

The fire at Bailey Road’s Green Cozy Cottage on the night of February 29th claimed the lives of 46 individuals. According to the police, 20 of the deceased were men, 18 were women, and 8 were children. Out of them, 43 have been identified, and the bodies of 40 victims have been handed over to their families.

Eleven injured individuals are currently undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) and Sheikh Hasina Burn Institute. “They are not out of danger yet,” remarked Health Minister Samanta Lal Sen on the afternoon of March 1st.

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